Core Strength

Our core strength is providing comprehensive unified marketing plans, designing and executing brand strategies that apply across all communications platforms. Our ultimate goal is to help you engage your target audiences with the right messaging, at the right moment and with the right communication vehicle. That means traditional marketing, public relations, strategic communications along with a suite of digital tools that address web-enabled strategies.

Integrated Approach

The integrated approach allows us to employ multiple vehicles including landing pages, micro sites, search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate banner advertising, email marketing, and social media strategy. These tools use technologies for enhanced and highly-effective user experiences, as well as having the ability to capture precise metrics to maintain a dynamic, effective, ongoing, multi-faceted digital presence.

Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to help you engage your target audiences with the right messaging, at the right moment and with the right communication vehicle. The results will be consistency of messaging, more touch points with your customers and stakeholders, economies of scale and strategies that anticipate and support your long-term goals.

The Paige Group Promotes Manion to Public and Media Relations Manager

Paige Marketing Communications Group, Inc. has announced the promotion of Catherine (Cat) Manion from PR Account Executive to the position of Public and Media Relations Manager. “Cat has advanced greatly in her supervisory and consulting roles since joining The Paige Group in 2010,” stated Nancy Pattarini, president and CEO of The Paige Group. “This promotion […]

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July 8, 2014 UTICA, NY – The Paige Group has announced the promotion of two top executives to the positions of vice presidents. Carrie McMurray has been named vice president/planning. The expansion of McMurray’s role includes guiding business development and strategic growth to meet the demands of rapidly evolving markets and client needs. In addition, […]

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How to Format a Press Release: 9 Simple Steps

Here’s the scenario: Boss: We have this really big, super important thing coming up. Can you write up a quick press release to make sure that everyone in the world knows about it? You: Sure! No problem! How hard can it be? < Boss walks away. You panic. > Before you go into panic mode, […]

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How to Make Your News Newsworthy: Part II

As we discussed in Part I, identifying the news from your business or organization that is worthy of sharing with the media can sometimes be tricky. To help, here are three more tips to make your story more newsworthy. 1. Important people make news: If Average Joe runs a marathon, it’s no big deal. However, […]

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How to Make Your News Newsworthy: Part I

With the amount of content and information that is released on a daily basis, how do you make your news stand out? By understanding what makes any story “newsworthy” you have a much better chance of getting your news covered by a media outlet. So, what makes something newsworthy? Here are a few tips to […]

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Milestones in Advertising: Part III

Welcome to the last (and most recent in history) part of our Milestones in Advertising trilogy. If you haven’t already recognized the examples in our last two parts, these influencers of advertising will definitely look familiar.  Video Killed the Radio Star For some people, when they think of MTV, they don’t necessarily think “advertising.” But […]

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Milestones in Advertising: Part II

Today’s Milestones in Advertising post travels back to the 1950s and 60s to explore how this time period was, in many ways, crucial to how society in general is shaped today. Think Small Every so often something comes along in advertising that’s a total game changer. In 1959 the Doyle, Dane and Bernbach agency created […]

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Milestones in Advertising: Part I

Advertising has always had the same goal – to spur action or reaction. When it comes down to it, advertising is an art form that has evolved along with society. As I began gathering information for a class I’m teaching, I sought to find the “milestones” that shifted the way people both created and consumed […]

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February 13, 2014 UTICA, NY – The Paige Group has announced staff appointments in both its creative and public relations departments. Tracy Franchell has been promoted to the position of art director. The expansion of Franchell’s role includes developing creative concepts and campaigns, while continuing as the company’s professional photographer, according to The Paige Group […]

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s that time of year: budget planning. Whether you have almost finished or are just starting, here are some tips that may help to keep your marcom department’s spreadsheet from looking like a bad game of darts. 1. Keep the overall goals of the company in mind. You don’t want your department to get caught up […]

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